August 23, 2017
RENTAL HOME IMPROVEMENTS: WOMEN STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES – HJD Robertson Margaret Thatcher said: “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” In South African law a landlord may decide whether he or she wants to rely on specific performance[1] or claim for damages in instances where a...
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THE “TRADITIONAL”, YET EMPOWERED, SOUTH AFRICAN VERSION OF BEING A WOMAN – Alicea van der Ryst It cannot be denied that the role a woman played in the greater scheme of things were limited to her ability to nurture and care for her family for decades. Even though it is one of the greatest blessings...
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“WITHOUT PREJUDICE” – OR IS IT? – Helena van der Nest Usually when parties commence settlement negotiations, their attorneys will include the phrase “Without Prejudice”. Whether it is in writing or oral. But what does the phrase “Without Prejudice” mean? The without prejudice rule Without prejudice means that when a party participates in settlement negotiations...
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