July 2017
YOU WANT TO DISCIPLINE ME? WELL, I RESIGN! – Ané Kotzé   In an era where we want everything and we want it now, the same dogma seems to surface in the workplace. Employees are reluctant to face disciplinary action, and as a result, choose to resign as soon as they become aware of an...
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PAYMENT OF RATES AND TAXES IN ADVANCE? – Nadia Burger   If you recently sold your property, you would be familiar with the fact that you have to pay rates and taxes in advance, to enable the transferring attorney to obtain a rates clearance certificate from the Municipality. This certificate is lodged at the deeds...
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FIRING THE LAST SHOT IN A CONTRACTUAL DISPUTE – Chazanne Grobler   Most contracts come about after very long deliberations and negotiations. What happens in the instance where the contracting parties, after various offers and counter-offers, start executing without signing a contract? Was there a meeting of the minds to determine that a contract has...
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