February 18, 2020
NO ONE WILL KNOW IF I ERECT A BRAAI ON MY PROPERTY WITHOUT WRITTEN APPROVED BUILDING PLANS, RIGHT? – Ané Kotzé Every HOA has applicable building guidelines which are stipulated in a Constitution or Memorandum of Incorporation (“MOI”) which every homeowner should be made aware of, read and understood. The guidelines will differ from estate...
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A GENERAL ENRICHMENT ACTIONS: IS THE SOUTH AFRICAN LEGAL SYSTEM READY Unjustified enrichment is a concept so pure and easy to comprehend and return to with an easy solution to solve. However, there is a huge debate as to what really constitutes unjustified enrichment and whether there should be any compensation or restitution towards an...
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PUTTING UP YOUR OWN ROAD SIGNS CAN BE ILLEGAL – Zinta van der Linde Did you know that putting up road signs without the necessary permission from the relevant authorities could make you guilty of a criminal offence? In the matter of Vermeulen Verf CC & Another v DIY Superstores (Pty) Ltd & Others the...
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