TO ANTENUP OR NOT… – Mea Malan Marriage is the beginning of a joyous journey between two people and an important part of every couple’s foundation should be to consider drawing up a suitable antenuptial contract. As unpleasant as it may seem, securing a stable financial future is vital to the success of a marriage....
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COURT REAFFIRMS THE IMPORTANCE OF A RESOLUTION – Rich Redinger The Johannesburg High Court recently confirmed the obligations of a trustee in the case of Goldex 16 (Pty) Ltd v Capper NO and Others[1]. In this matter, the trust bought a real right of extension (considered as property) from Goldex. Copper signed on behalf of...
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CHILD RELOCATION AFTER A DIVORCE: WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? – Jacques Brits You’re a single divorced parent with primary residence of your minor child. You decide to travel overseas, or alternatively to move overseas. The minor child’s father, with full rights and responsibilities pertaining to the minor child, refuses his permission in an...
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