Family Law

Our Family Law Department is headed by Messrs. JJ Jacobs and Helgard Raubenheimer.

Our highly experienced family law team pride themselves on assisting and representing clients not only with expert legal advice, but also with finesse. Our team further offers the unique and cost effective service of family law mediation, with its aim in resolving disputes between parties quickly and in a safe environment.

Our specialist family law services include:

• Drafting of ante-nuptial contracts
• Contested/uncontested divorces
• Family law mediation
• Disputes regarding maintenance
• Domestic partnerships (including drafting of cohabitation agreements)
• Legal aspects pertaining to adoptions
• Drafting of surrogacy agreements
• Drafting of parenting plans
• Disputes regarding contact rights towards (a) minor child/ren
• Domestic violence disputes (including protection and restraining orders)
• Curatorship disputes
• All general family law advice.


Important: Criminal syndicates may attempt to induce you to make payments due to or requested by JJR Inc into bank accounts which do not belong to JJR Inc. These frauds are typically perpetrated using emails and/or letters that appear to be identical to letters or emails that may be sent to you by JJR Inc. Please take proper care in verifying emails and banking details before making any payment. JJR Inc proposes that you contact its offices before any payment is made.

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