1. Section 45bis (1)(a)

This application is lodged where one spouse was awarded the other’s share in the shared property in the divorce order. The spouse who acquired the property will bring an application to the registrar of deeds to confirm that they are entitled to deal with the property as if they had taken formal transfer of the former spouse’s share and is considered the sole owner.

2. Section 45bis(1A)

This application is used where the divorce order indicates that the spouses are each entitled to one half share of the shared property. Both former spouses will apply to the Registrar to confirm that they both retain the undivided share which each of them formerly had in the property. The effect of such an application is that they become co-owners of their half shares and can deal freely with such shares.

3. Section 45bis(1)(b)

This application is applicable in situations where couples who are married in community of property applies to court for a change of their matrimonial property system to out of community of property. It is important to take note that the spouses in this situation remain married to one another, but a division of their shared estate takes place, by order.