Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Corporate Collections

This department is jointly administered by Messrs HP Raubenheimer and JJ Jacobs assisted by Ms. Alta Britz and Ms. Ané Kotzé.

Our well established and specialised litigation department is highly recommended by our corporate clients. JJR Inc. is also very competitive and well-known in this area of the law.

Our specialist litigation services include:

• Contractual and Commercial Disputes
• Company Law Disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services
• Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Experience in excess of 10 years including exposure to ICC’s International Court of Arbitration, Paris, France.
• Pre-litigation Risk Adverse Directory Advice
• Private Law Services
• Competition, Trademark and IP Law Litigation
• Media and Sport Contractual Law Disputes
• Liquidation, Sequestration and Rehabilitation Litigation and Corporate Advice
• Property and Real Estate as well as Body Corporate and Home Owners Collections and Litigation
• Eviction Applications
• Delictual and Enrichment Disputes.


Official Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Corporate Collections Documentation

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