Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Corporate Collections

This department is jointly administered by Messrs HP Raubenheimer and JJ Jacobs assisted by Ms. C Martinson, Ms. Alta Britz and Ms. Ané Kotzé.

Our well established and specialised litigation department is highly recommended by our corporate clients. JJR Inc. is also very competitive and well-known in this area of the law.

Our specialist litigation services include:

• Contractual and Commercial Disputes
• Company Law Disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services
• Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Experience in excess of 10 years including exposure to ICC’s International Court of Arbitration, Paris, France.
• Pre-litigation Risk Adverse Directory Advice
• Private Law Services
• Competition, Trademark and IP Law Litigation
• Media and Sport Contractual Law Disputes
• Liquidation, Sequestration and Rehabilitation Litigation and Corporate Advice
• Property and Real Estate as well as Body Corporate and Home Owners Collections and Litigation
• Eviction Applications
• Delictual and Enrichment Disputes.


Official Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Corporate Collections Documentation

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